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Menopause is a gradual progression – and every woman will go into menopause, that is a given.

To meet women who have reached a very high level in their careers and in their personal lives only to be burdened with #perimenopause and then #menopause a with very little help can be very difficult.

Seeing clients who talk about and struggle with: #No Sleep, #mood changes, #no libido, functioning or not functioning #anxiety, crimpling #brain fog (questioning what’s going on) and low to no #energy, joint pain and lots more symptoms trying to find answers and support is difficult for anyone.

We mostly only hear about “the hot flushes” yet #hot flushes are but a symptom, the question is why are women getting hot flushes?

What is happening inside the body and more to the point what damage is being done with every hot flush that is unseen. Hot flushes are something that most know about in relation to menopause and perimenopause and it’s almost like it is a normal thing to get hot flushes and we still don’t look or see the damage hot flushes do internally. Some will say I only have hot flushes, but they effect the #cardiovascular system.

Stopping hot flushes is a preventative measure, if its via HRT, alternative or complimentary treatments, it’s is important to stop or manage them for long-term health.

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Great post and information on menopause.I have been searching for it on but I found it here.

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