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Great ways to detox your mind

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Taking Time out from our busy lives just to embrace the beauty around us and within us.

It all starts with small steps.

Meditation is a wonderful part of life, but why do some think it so hard to do.

Meditation begins with one breath. Breathing in and breathing out.

Being present to the breath is the first step. As we learn to become aware of the breath we can learn to Meditate.

Some say it has to be a 30 minute meditation or it is no good.... well taking a breath and being aware of it, is indeed a start to a good practice.

Sitting and being in tune with your body.

When I began to do a more formal style of meditation 25 years ago I remember saying to the lady who had introduced me to meditation 'but I cant stop thinking, there are thoughts coming into my mind', the answer I got was: 'There will always be thoughts coming into your mind, the key is to acknowledge them, let them go and come back to the meditation'.

Morning meditation can be a powerful practice.

Breathing in and out, and being aware of the breath.

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