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dōterra AromaTouch Treatment

This is such a relaxing treatment. An AromaTouch treatment isn't a message.

What is a dōterra AromaTouch Treatment?

AromaTouch involves 8 grade certified essential oils that are dropped on to the spine and are applied by gently rubbing them into the back. The application movement is very gentle. During a treatment the therapist will work mostly on the back, there is a small but important treatment on the feet.

The Aroma of the oils can stir up the senses which help with mood and a feeling of wellbeing. This treatment is suitable for children and adults. It is so relaxing clients have fallen asleep and waken up feeling totally relaxed and refreshed.

This treatment is excellent for treating the whole body and can prompt powerful emotional responses. There is a direct connection between the nose and the brain's emotional control centre: the limbic system. This is a great treatment to help with sleep, anxiety, stress, low mood, pain and improve our feeling of wellness.

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