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What Are HT and FT Handicap Betting? A Comprehensive Guide on Placing Bets

In the realm of sports betting, the term "handicap betting," often referred to as "Running Ball," has become a familiar concept among enthusiasts. But do you truly understand what handicap betting entails? How does one engage in handicap betting? And have you mastered the art of interpreting its odds? If not, let's delve deeper into this topic together through the following article by odds betting tips 

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Overview of HT and FT Handicap Betting

In football betting, handicap betting, or Running Ball, is a commonly used term. Many enthusiasts often wonder what handicap betting is all about. It's a type of bet placed while a match is in progress, exclusively applicable within a certain timeframe of the game. This particular type of bet is only effective for a specific period during the match, and hesitating to participate can easily result in missed opportunities.

Similar to some popular bet types such as full-time (FT) or over/under (O/U) betting, handicap betting is gradually gaining traction among a significant portion of bettors due to its low investment-high return nature. Many see it as an opportunity to quickly recover their investments. With accurate predictions, one can achieve remarkably high winning odds.

In addition to understanding what handicap betting entails, enthusiasts also pay close attention to related terminology. Here are some terms you should be aware of:

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What is FT Handicap?

FT Handicap, or Running FT, refers to halftime handicap betting. This means participants choose to place bets on the handicap bets offered by bookmakers during the second half of the match.

What is HT Handicap?

Conversely, if FT Handicap pertains to halftime betting, HT Handicap refers to halftime handicap betting. Players can only place bets during the first 45 minutes of the match.

What is Odds 300?

Odds 300 refers to handicap bets that typically appear in the final minutes of the first half. To be precise, bookmakers offer these bets from the 20th to the 45th minute of the match. However, such handicap bets only appear on the odds board for about 2-3 seconds before disappearing.

Usually, when the scoreline is 1-0 or 2-0, bookmakers often offer Odds 300 for players to choose from. However, players need to pay close attention and carefully observe the odds board to spot these opportunities.

What is Handicap Corner Betting?

Handicap corner betting evaluates the number of corner kicks taken by both teams. It's a type of bet commonly associated with handicap betting queries. Essentially, it's similar to over/under corner kicks betting. The difference lies in the fact that participants can place bets on this type of bet during the match until its conclusion. Conversely, over/under corner kicks betting is only valid before the match starts.

When selecting handicap corner bets, it's advisable to choose matches with strong competitiveness in corner kicks. Especially when both teams exhibit strong attacking styles, the number of corner kicks is likely to be high.

Guide to Winning HT and FT Handicap Betting

After understanding what handicap betting entails, let's delve into how to interpret football handicap betting odds accurately.

This can be considered a crucial factor for bettors opting for over/under bets while the match is in progress. Because over/under betting during gameplay differs significantly from pre-match over/under betting. Here's a specific example of interpreting football handicap betting odds for your reference:

Let's consider a match between Becamex Binh Duong and TP. Ho Chi Minh in the U19 Vietnam qualification round. Imagine the current scoreline is 1-0, and the offered over/under odds are 1.5.

If you bet over 1.5: There must be at least two more goals for you to win.

If you bet under 1.5: No additional goals are necessary for you to win.

How to Play HT Handicap Betting

Players need to closely observe the match time when deciding to engage in HT handicap betting. Goals must occur within the first 45 minutes plus added time for your bet to win. Moreover, you should gather information about both teams before placing your bets. Consider factors such as their historical performance, lineup, tournament nature, weather, and pitch conditions. These are paramount conditions for making accurate betting predictions when handicap odds emerge.

However, participants should also pay attention to the number of goals scored by the competing teams. If no goals are scored in the first 15 minutes of the match, refrain from betting on HT handicap. Instead, wait for the second half to begin. This significantly increases your chances of winning.

How to Play FT Handicap Betting

When participating in both HT and FT handicap betting, careful observation is key. When selecting FT handicap betting, analyze how both teams performed in the first half and their predominant playing style. Has there been any goal scored in the first half?

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If there have been a maximum of two goals in the first half, consider betting over when entering the second half. Conversely, if there have been more than two goals in the first half, refrain from rushing into bets. Wait until the odds decrease and the score difference between the two teams is only one goal before placing your bet. If you're unsure about interpreting HT handicap odds, avoid betting on uncertain matches altogether. Remember, thorough research is crucial for enhancing your winning chances.

In conclusion, it's unnecessary to know how many goals have been scored before the match ends. However, when placing handicap betting in football, the final outcome is determined only from the moment your bet is confirmed. That is when your bet truly comes into play. The same principle applies to handicap corner and handicap card bets. By now, you've likely found some answers to what handicap betting is and how to interpret handicap betting odds, haven't you?


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